Smartphones At Risk of Getting a Computer Viruses!

Think you are safe on the net because you are surfing on your phone? Think again. This is what a recent report from the Toronto Star had to say:

“Recent research from computer training firm SANS found that 85 per cent of users were not scanning their mobile devices for malicious programs running on the devices. Of the 15 per cent who were, 18 per cent found mobile malware, higher than the overall infection rate for PCs in North America. ”

Smartphones At Risk of Computer Virus

Smartphones At Risk of Computer Virus

Google and Apples have both pulled apps that have been posted and created huge security holes, including some online banking apps. It really is important to treat smartphones, and other mobile devices as a mobile computer. That means using anti-virus software, regular scans as well as secure passwords and encryption. Don’t wait until you have a problem secure your smartphone today. If you do have a problem though Brainstorm Computer Systems can log into your smart phone remotely and repair the virus or other problem.

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